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I’m an experienced creative professional who brings an enormous amount of passion and talent to every project I work on. It’s my philosophy that since my end users spend their hard-earned time and money on my product, I owe them the best experience I can give them.

I’ve run teams, designed games, and launched products. I’m a natural leader with outstanding interpersonal communications skills. I’m constantly creating.

What I do...

My passion is bringing people together and showing them a good time - whether it's with a game design, a high-energy dance mix, or a night of comedy.

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Game Design

  • 1984

    I've been designing games since I was 11 years old. After getting out of the Army in '98, I moved to Seattle to pursue a career in game design. Starting in retail, I eventually worked my way up to brand management at Wizards of the Coast. I left that job to start Sabertooth Games, my first professional game design position. Since then, I went back to Wizards to work in their R&D department, and now I am a freelance game designer.

Some Design Highlights Include:

Duel Masters Trading Card Game lead designer
Kaijudo Trading Card Game lead designer
Epic PVP (co designer)
Magic: The Gathering M13 set design team
Magic: The Gathering Commander Decks design team
Magic: The Gathering Planechase 2 design team
Magic: The Gathering Future Sight design team
The Warhammer 40,000 Collectible Card Game lead designer
The WarCry Collectible Card Game lead designer
The Lord of the Rings Tradeable Miniatures games designer
Bakugan Card Set Design team
Bolt Action: Tank War (co-writer)
Bolt Action: Battleground Europe
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I first put needle to record way back in '91, working with friends to DJ local high school dances. Since then I've performed at several Seattle clubs such as Tiki Bob's, The Frontier Room, Last Supper Club and my favorite Seattle spot, See Sound Lounge. I've also done tons of weddings and corporate events for clients like Microsoft and Wizards of the Coast.


I've been performing improvised comedy for audiences for over two decades. I've been in more than 1,000 shows across the country. I'm also an experienced host, MC'ing over 350 shows and working with audiences of all ages and types.

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Current Projects

Dead Meat: Quarantine Zone America is now on Kickstarter! This is my tabletop skirmish wargame of urban combat in the zombie apocalypse.



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